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Official complaints have jumped some 30 percent in France compared to the same period last year, as women feel more emboldened to speak up following the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Reports of sexual harassment, assault and rape have jumped from 23 percent to as much as 30 percent, the Interior Ministry said Monday.

The announcement came as the international scandal regarding sexual assault allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein continues to grow.

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In an interview with French radio on Monday, Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet said “the judiciary is ready to deal with” the higher number of reports filed with police.

Belloubet said she was open to the idea of allowing victims to register “pre-complaints” online without going to the police station. Complaints would then be followed up by authorities.

Police ‘mobilised’ to respond to sexual violence

Richard Lizurey, the director general of the gendarmerie national, wrote to officers and prefects last week to underline their role in preventing sexual violence and helping victims.

“The fight against sexual and domestic violence requires a general mobilisation of our police and armed forces at every level,” Lizurey wrote.

The letter came as France has been rocked by two sexual violence cases in which adult men have been acquitted of raping girls when they were minors.   Read more