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Former French minister’s rape trial postponed

Former French minister’s rape trial postponed

The trial of a French former minister on rape and sexual assault charges was postponed on Friday, following defence complaints about a TV documentary on the case and remarks made by the judge in confidence.  Former public services minister Georges Tron, who resigned...

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Would-be jihadists jailed in Paris

Five young men inspired to fight in Syria by of one of France’s most notorious jihadist recruiters in Nice were handed prison sentences by a Paris court on Friday. The men, all in their 20s, were found guilty of associating with a terrorist organisation. They...

France refuses to open new Calais migration camp

France’s interior minister rejected calls from charities for a new migrant reception center in the northern port of Calais, where hundreds who have fled war and poverty are again roaming the streets in search of food and shelter. The minister, Gerard Collomb,...

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